IUI Or Bust!Β 

So this morning I had my first IUI. Doctor said sperm count was great. It didn’t hurt, was just uncomfortable. All I can think about is if one of those sperm actually do their thing! Haha. I get my progesterone level checked on Black Friday and then go in for pregnancy test December 4th. December! Where the crap has the time gone? Cook baby, cook!!! 

We are going out tonight to watch the Hunger Games in reclining seats! We went to this theater a couple of weeks ago and it’s amazing. I can’t wait!! Tomorrow I’m having a girls night starting at one of those designer bag bingo things! Can’t wait. I need a night out to just relax and laugh. I’ve been so stressed lately at work and our infertility. 

Utterly Happy xoxo


Intrauterine Insemination here we go!

I have never ever been nervous during any of my medicated cycles. This morning I was so nervous I could of puked. I had my ultrasound done this morning and he sees a ton of follicles. Go clomid!!!! I have a ton that are 10 mm and my biggest is 13 mm. We are right on schedule. I go back Wednesday morning for my next ultrasound and hopefully scheduling my first IUI for Friday.   He hopes not all follicles mature, but I’ve always wanted twins, so of course my fingers are crossed! 


This cat explains how bloated I feel especially when I have to get dressed and be a functioning adult. Haha.  
Fingers, toes, paws, everything but my legs will be crossed so things go as planned Friday! πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ˜πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ˜



Hoping for a Christmas BFP!!!

I have never been so at ease and excited all at once! We met with our fertility specialist yesterday and he actually wants to do my first IUI this month!!! It also works perfect with my husbands work schedule. They called me today and my base line blood work came back perfect. So I start Clomid tomorrow!!! No more femara since I don’t respond to it at all. Our plan is to try three IUI cycles and if still not pregnant then we go to IVF. Well technically ICSI since he doesn’t have the Grade A sperm as the doctor said. He would rather have us go that route so he can pick out the fastest and healthiest sperm to use. It was nice to sit down and make a plan and a back up plan! I am such a planner so this completely made me happy and calm. Our doctor was also excited that we are on the same page as he is which was nice. It’s so nice to have a great relationship with our doctor and to feel confident in him. I honestly can’t wait to start clomid. Bring on the tears and the hot flashes!!!!! Next ultrasound to check out the follies is the 14th of November πŸ™‚ 

Oh and my husband agreed to let me keep this little cutie Savannah Mae! I have been helping an elderly couple trap kittens in her yard for two years now. This one she drove to me and she was about two weeks old. I bottle fed her and knew she was something special and not leaving. So for now she’s my baby haha.