YONO – the world’s first ear ovulation predictor!!

So luckily I am teamed up with the amazing YONOlabs and am testing the worlds first in ear ovulation predictor. If you check out their website https://www.yonolabs.com/ there is a ton of information listed on how to use it, what it does exactly, how to order one, and why it’s the best way to track your basal temperature. YONO measures your core body temperate instead of skin which can be affected by the temperature around you. By using this device, which I may say fits so nicely in my ear, I am able to track my basal temperature daily and better predict my ovulation. For someone who has pcos , this is amazing. My cycles are always random so I am never sure when I am ovulating. When I did my first IUI in 2015 my cycle and ovulation was different from my second IUI. I am hoping by using this, I can avoid the medications and treatments we used last time to conceive. I’m not saying or denying we might have to resort to them again, but a woman’s body is amazing. You never know what it can do. 

Night 1 which was cycle day 2 turned out well. I placed it in my left ear because I usually sleep on my right side. I am very picky about things touching my ears and usually don’t like ear buds to listen to music, so I was nervous. YONO made this little ear bud with comfort in mind. I didn’t even realize it was in my ear after a while!!! I fell asleep around 11pm and officially (I’m a light sleeper) woke up at 6:25am! I took the ear bud out, opened my app, placed my ear bud in the base station. It did its little magic once I hit connect on the app and downloaded my basal temperature which was 97.35F. This was so darn easy!! I will keep everyone updated throughout this month. I am also going to be using ovulation test strips (wondfo) on cd10 for 10 days. 

I really hope that by me sharing my experience I can help others ttc as well. I hated taking my temperature daily and stopped because I just couldn’t do it anymore. But YONO seems very promising and super easy to use!!! Wish me luck! 

-utterlyfighting ❤