Trying to Conceive Baby #2

Okay so I still have horrible ptsd from my pregnancy and delivery. I literally can’t even think about stepping into the hospital or back at my old OBGYN. So I started to make steps into trying to help myself cope with it and deal with making it a better memory.

Today I met with my new OB and let me tell you how pleased I am. They also specialize in infertility treatment. As much as I loved my reproductive doctor to conceive Isabella, this doctor is ten minutes from my house instead of about forty five minutes and they would have everything in one file. They actually brought my big file in and we had a nice laugh together. It felt like I was talking to my friend to be honest.

So let’s get to it! We have a consult for the end of January to discuss our next step. They would rather us go right into IUI instead of trying with timed intercourse and cookie. They think it’s a waste of time so they suggest us coming in and discussing a game plan. So I made the appointment. They also want a new semen analysis from my husband. They rather us start trying sooner then later with IUI’s because we aren’t getting any younger and both are in our thirties. The older you are, the higher your chances to conceive a child with health issues or become a high risk pregnancy. Which, I already am due to hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, and a history of miscarriage.

So here is the controversial subject I’m going to get into. I tore pretty bad when delivering and experience numbness and pain still a year and a half later. I had such a horrible postnatal experience it’s truly hard to talk about. I got choked up just discussing it with the doctor. She could tell and quickly stepped in and discussed my options. So our plan is to go in to this (hopefully) next pregnancy not thinking the end game is a c-section. It’s an option and if I absolutely mentally can’t handle it throughout the nine months, then I can have that option. I almost cried because for once I had someone on my team. She was advocating for me and my mental state. I explained how hard it was and how my milk also didn’t come in and how my depression began. She never once judged me and instead made me feel comfortable and gave me options. I can’t wait to start this new journey with such an amazing doctor.

On to Isabella- she’s 15 months old today!!!!! I can’t believe it. She’s amazing and so smart. She’s now giving us kisses and hugs and it makes my heart melt. She’s so caring and loves animals just like her mama. She is FINALLY drinking half cows milk with her Kabrita goats milk formula. Slow and steady wins the race, haha. She isn’t walking anymore, it’s more of a run! If she could be outside all day, she would be. I can’t wait to give her a sibling one day.

-utterlyfighting ❤


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