IUI number two and a baby!

I have a ton to write about since its been quite a while!!! We did our first iui in November which resulted in what doctors call a chemical pregnancy aka a miscarriage. After cycle day 1 came, I called my doctor who refilled clomid and we went at it again. IUI number 2 was right before Christmas. I felt hardly anything during the dreaded two week wait. I mean I was still mourning our loss and very stressed that this wasn’t our ticket to a baby. All I kept thinking was I better start saving now for ICSI which is what my doctor thought from the beginning anyway.

 On January 1st it was 9 days past ovulation. I decided to wake up early and pee on a pregnancy test. When that second line showed up I literally burst into tears. I didn’t want to tell my husband until I took another test the next day and saw the line getting darker. With our miscarriage, the line never got darker. So I woke up again early the next day and there that beautiful second line was. I couldn’t contain my excitement. I always planned I would plan something for my husband and surprise him to let him know we did it. This morning I just couldn’t. I couldn’t wait. I didn’t want to go out and buy stuff, I was tired of waiting and frankly just wanted to blurt it out. My husband is not a morning person.  So I sat in bed beaming staring at him like a creep and planning our future as he slept away. I sent him a picture of the test and the quote ” roses are red, violets are blue. Inside me beats two hearts for you”.  When he finally woke up he asked me why I was staring at him. I asked him if he got my text. Haha. He replied “No, I was sleeping”.  He opened it up and I still remember his big smile. Every day after I kept peeing on those dreadful tests that brought me so much joy. The tests that I used to hate and want to break into a million pieces were now my friend. 

At 14dpo I went to my doctor as scheduled to have my beta/hcg test. I missed the call because I was in a meeting. The voicemail from the nurse said my levels were normal. Well what the hell did that mean? Normal. I called them back and my level was 96.2!!! I’ve never been so excited. I burst into tears and couldn’t wait to go home. Each beta test after just kept getting higher. At 6 weeks we saw the fetal pole and sac. Each week the ultrasound was more and more exciting. At about 8.5 weeks my doctor surprised me and said okay all done here, you graduated and can see a regular obgyn. I was in tears. Tears because of how far we have come and because these people helped me so much. I still miss them everyday. I spent one morning a week with these people. I owe them everything. 

So now at 10.5 weeks we wait until the 12 week scan and hopefully it goes well and we see the sex of the baby. 

I still feel guilty for being so excited to be pregnant. I owe so much to the ttc Instagram community. These ladies are everything. I want for all of us to beat infertility. For right now I hold my head high and talk about miscarriages and infertility openly because the world has mad us feel ashamed of it. When in reality, we should be proud and help others. 

Thank you all! I promise to update more. 

~utterly pregnant 
Things I did for IUI#2 a little different from IUI #1

~Meds- 2 Pomegranate capsules daily with prenatal and 1 vitamin B complex since cd1. 
~Started 100mg Clomid CD4. 
~Kept warm no matter what and always had socks on! Warm feet = warm uterus is what I kept repeating to myself. I only took my socks off to shower haha. 
~The morning of IUI we dropped off the sample to be washed, then went ate a chickfila biscuit and drank sweet tea in the car just the two of us (our little IUI tradition). 
~I had to go right to work afterwards but I kept things easy, stayed calm, and just kept telling myself that little one is settling in. I acted as if I was already pregnant. I kept being positive (I know it sounds funny) but even at night I fell asleep with my hand on my stomach. 
~After I left the office I was trying to get to work on time and I hit a huge bump going over the rail road tracks and now I joke that the bump shot the swimmers up real good! Haha. 
~I went and bought a huge pineapple and sliced it into fifths and put them in separate baggies in the fridge. I ate one whole slice including the core for five days the day after my IUI. 
~I cut caffeine out after IUI and tried to eat balanced meals. 


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