October Baby Blues


Being married last Halloween, I dreamt of being pregnant a little before Halloween this year and announcing it on our anniversary. We have tried but not tried for over a year and a half to conceive and now we are really buckling down. I did 3 rounds of unmonitored Clomid and the blood work showed that I did ovulate. Just didn’t get knocked up! Then recently we did two rounds of Femara and nothing. Follicles just weren’t growing. I also suffered from really bad side effects from the Femara and still have hand pains from it. So now we are taking a break due to hubs busy work schedule, since he travels a lot, and doing our first IUI in December. I can’t wait. I have never been so excited. Since I can remember, I knew deep down inside getting pregnant wasn’t going to be easy for me. I just knew it. Which is fine, just stinks. I knew we would be going towards IUI and maybe even IVF route. So here I am sharing our story and I hope you enjoy it. So fingers crossed that December gets here quick because I can’t freaking wait!!!! Any help, suggestions, recipes, spells, crystals, etc would be greatly appreciated. We are dealing with PCOS, hypothyroidism, endometriosis, and his semen analysis showed us he has low motility, but a great count.

PS – Met that cute little pony on our anniversary getaway this past weekend. So cute!! 😛

Utterly Infertile ❤


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