Sunday snuggles

Today I accomplished a whole lot of nothing. Well maybe something. I did laundry, tons of homework, researched healthy recipes for the next few weeks meals, and snuggled. This cold crispy air makes me want a big cup of coffee, my leopard print slippers, and snuggles with these goofs.   

Both are rescues. My dog is a pit bull mix with a huge underbite and a love for Doritos and cat snuggles. I got him when I worked at animal control and he was about a week old and a bag of bones. Near death and rejected by his birth mother, I knew I had to take him home and try.  I bottle fed him and nursed him into a fat 60 pound couch potato. He loves his chihuahua brother and the cats. Total daddy’s boy unless he’s not feeling well. 

The naked creature peeking out of the warm comforter is Pascha. I waited my whole adult life to adopt a Sphynx cat. We got her when she was 5 and she’s about 10 years old now. Wow just realized she’s getting old! She hybernates all fall and winter in blankets and comes out in the summer to sit in the sun by the window. 

I’m definitely an adopter!! Working in animal control, my eyes were opened to the thousands upon thousands of animals that were euthanized daily because there are no homes and more coming in. People keep breeding or simply just not spay or neutering because they don’t care enough. I also have a Devon Rex cat. It’s a myth that you can’t find purebred animals in the shelter. I’ve seen so many different breeds!!! 

Anyway, I’m off to make dinner and back to snuggling. Love these lazy Sundays! Don’t you?


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