37 weeks pregnant and chugging along! 

Today marks 37 weeks pregnant!!!!! I can’t believe that I made it to my goal week. It hasn’t been easy but it’s been so worth it. This little girl has been nothing but surprises this whole time and I’m sure they aren’t stopping anytime soon. I’ve been in preterm labor now for about 3 weeks. I’m 2-3 cm dilated, cervix is thinned out, and lost majority of my mucus plug. 

I had my last ultrasound with the high risk doctor last week and he said she’s measuring right under 7lbs. If I go full term, she’s going to be huge. I’m back to not being able to eat much, vomiting, migraines, and dizziness. I think I had about a month or so break with hardly any hyperemesis gravidarum symptoms. 

I have majority of her things purchased and her hospital bag is packed. My husband packed his bag 3 weeks ago when I started visiting labor and delivery! HAHAHA. I put stuff aside for myself and just purchased a weekender bag for the hospital. It was on sale at target (not sure how I made it back to my car, my legs were numb) and I figured I could use it over and over. Her bassinet is set up and we are just playing the waiting game. I’m completely fine with going to the due date. I would love to have her in as long as possible so she’s completely cooked but darn this pain is horrible. I’ve been in and out of work, more out then in at the moment. The contractions are more of an annoyance but when they shoot into my back and down my legs, no Bueno! Sometimes I feel like I have the girl from the movie The Ring digging inside of me. Being pregnant is completely odd yet beautiful all at once. When I completely finish her nursery I will have to post a picture. For now you get my bump and my terrorist of a cat. 


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