Loving your pregnant body no matter what size you are!

So this weekend my boss is celebrating her 20th anniversary of having her own veterinarian clinic. She took us all away to Atlantic City, New Jersey to celebrate for the night. My close friends (love that I work with my friends) and I decided to make it into a girls weekend and head to Ocean City after and stay until Sunday. I was a little worried about being on a boat pregnant, but baby was great! My lovely cankles decided to hurt bad and swell up friday night after all of the walking so I decided to call it a night around 11pm while the girls went out. Mama needs her rest, right? My best friend aka my biff made sure to check on me before leaving for drinks and when she came back. Saturday we headed to the beach in Ocean City and it was awesome. Sometimes it’s nice to have your closer friends around you and just to relax some. The water was freezing but the beach was nice!

I asked my friend to take my first real bump picture with my whole body in the photo. That was a huge step to begin with! I have always struggled with my weight but had it under control about 3 years ago. After some relationship issues with my husband, job change, and lots of infertility medication, I gained it all back before I got pregnant. It was really hard to accept but I know after the baby I am going to fight to get back to where I was. I never had horrible health issues from the weight. I just always had health issues that had me gain weight- like hypothyroidism and PCOS. So it’s very hard to keep off but I am not fighting for myself any longer. I have to get fit again for my baby girl. It was really hard to let my friend take the picture but even harder to post it online. I love my bump so much. It’s just hard to see how swollen I am from the pregnancy and the early signs of preeclampsia. I feel defeated at times when I can see my friends walking around or other pregnant women having no issues and are jogging or just simply walking around perfectly fine. It took everything for me to walk the boardwalk and I have never had any issues like this. So for now I am not going to look in the mirror and feel bad. I am going to smile and be more than thankful that I am pregnant and we are both healthy and happy. I type all of this and she dances inside of me kicking away at the laptop. It’s amazing really. A little life inside that has no idea how much I have loved her since day 1 of the IUI. She is all I can think about and I know I will do anything to be the best mother for her. I figured I would blog some because I know I am not the only plus size pregnant woman in the world. I know others are feeling the same and I want them to know it’s okay.


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